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Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage & Hot Stone Massage

At Massage on Monument Square in Urbana, Ohio, we offer a variety of different massage and bodywork modalities to suit your individual needs. Our therapists have experience in deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and a variety of other techniques.

Medical & Therapeutic Massage

Get relief from pain and tension with a therapeutic or medical massage. We use effective techniques to treat both acute and chronic issues. Focusing on tense and overworked muscles, we soothe aches and pains of all kinds.

Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular Massage

Help your body heal naturally. Neuromuscular massage focuses on the relationship between the nerves and muscles to relieve pain and correct imbalances while deep tissue massage targets the muscles more deeply and is excellent for helping patients recover from injuries.

Hot Stone Massage & Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation therapy helps you calm your mind and body. Heat allows muscles relax more deeply, so a hot stone massage is an ideal way to enter a state of deep relaxation.

Stone Massage - Hot Stone Massage

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